Probation Department

ProbationThe Gloucester County Probation Department is part of the Judicial branch of Government. The department is responsible for the supervision of adult and juvenile offenders and the collection of Court-ordered monies including child support.
The Probation Department assists offenders in making positive personal and social adjustments while retaining an awareness of the responsibility for safeguarding the community. The department is committed to providing services to individuals and to act as a referral center to community based agencies and services. The department enforces orders of the court for payment of fines, penalties and restitution. The Courts are informed of major infractions of standards and special conditions of probation.

The department is responsible for the enforcing of Superior Court orders for child support and alimony. This process includes the collection and disbursement of payments to custodial parents or welfare/foster care agencies. Individuals are referred to court for failure to meet support obligations.

Probation also provides staff to the Criminal and Family Case Management Offices.
Probation offices are located as follows:

Administration/Adult supervision:
Five Points Plaza in Deptford
Juvenile Supervision:
24 Hunter Street in Woodbury
Child Support Enforcement:
Broad & Hunter Streets in Woodbury