Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for the County's comprehensive planning - preparing, maintaining, and updating the County Master Plan and its various elements.  The division also serves as a coordinator and advisor for municipal planning. In the area of transportation, the divison is responsible for a number of local and regional  transit planning activities, as well as providing planning services for highway improvements.  It also makes application for state and federal grants.

The division's environmental planning supports a number of activities related to improving and/or maintaining the County's environmental quality.  These include, but are not limited to, air quality, water supply, hazardous waste, stormwater management, watershed planning and groundwater monitoring. 

The Planning Division also serves as an affiliate for the New Jersey State Data Center.  In this capacity, it's a resource center for data management and mapping, providing information to other agencies, municipalities, and the public.

The division serves as staff to the County Planning Board, processing all site plans and subdivisions.  It represents the County at various levels at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), the State Planning Commission, the Pinelands Commission, and the Tri-County Water Quality Management Board.

Rick Westergaard
Planning Director.