Gloucester County office of Elections

The Gloucester County Office of Elections conducts all elections held throughout the County and works with the County Clerk's office to insure that Title 19 of the Election Laws of the State of New Jersey are implemented. The Commissioners have complete charge of the permanent registration of all eligible voters within the County. Evening registration is conducted by the Commissioners as well as high school registration. The Commissioners oversee the counting of all ballots for recounts. The Commissioners of Registration certify and attest to the final results of all elections before forwarding Canvasser's Report to the New Jersey Secretary of State's Office. 

All County-wide party petitions and all nominations by direct petition are filed with the County Clerk. His office prepares sample, official, and absentee ballots and receives all absentee ballot requests and processes same. Also canvass the vote totals with the County Office of Elections.




Freeholder Director - Robert M. Damminger
Freeholder Liaison - Giuseppe (Joe) Chila